Could it be me?

Such a great interpretation. Just loved it.


As I crawl under my blanket with my toys circling my bed, I wonder what’s going on beyond my sight. I think of all those times I watch them on television; how they jump around and play in the ground. It makes me wonder, “if they are just like me, why can’t I do the things that they do? Enjoy the summer breeze as it is? Dance to rhythm of the chirping birds, as I stroll through the street with my buddies carrying the almighty stick?” All of a sudden, I turn around the train of my thoughts and tell myself that you pamper me with all that you have. You offer me shelter, you give me plenty of food to eat, you provide me toys to play with and you keep me warm when it gets too cold to roll around the kitchen floor.
………….But you never play with…

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